Colorama creates its own range of working gloves together with Soft Touch

Painting, wallpapering, flooring and tiling are among the industries where gloves are the most important part of personal protection equipment. These are also the industries where too many don't realize the importance of protecting their own hands. The collaboration between Soft Touch and Colorama aims to change the perception of protective gloves.

Colorama creates its own range of gloves

Together with Soft Touch they have developed gloves under Colorama's own brand.

 - “All gloves are developed according to Colorama's main customers' needs and what regular customers expects from Colorama.” says Michael Cederkvist, CEO at Soft Touch. “The collection is designed to match the high quality in Colorama's own range of products”.

Wide range with basic and advanced gloves

The collection contains several models with different design and materials. The models are classic but with modern details. The knitted gloves are tight fitting to stay safely on the hand and gives adequate protection when painting and wallpapering. Fine leather gloves are suited for firm grips when working with wood, tiles or when handling tools. The launch also includes special models with waterproof features and winter lining. The wide range is expected to give a clearer picture of how important gloves are within the industry.

- “These gloves are developed to give our customers the best possible protection. Hand protection within our industry has long been so-so, many ignore protection feeling that gloves are an obstruction”, says Sylvia Harrysson, purchaser at Colorama. “These cases are mostly due to using the wrong size or the wrong type of glove for the task at hand. With this collection we hope to change this common view and increase the knowledge about the importance of gloves to protect the hands”.

The gloves are available at Coloramas stores around Sweden.

About Colorama

Colorama is one of Sweden's largest chain-stores in paint, wallpaper, floor and tiles. With 163 stores around Sweden and purchasing collaborations in Norway and Finland, it is the largest independent specialized store in the Nordic area. Both professionals and amateurs can come to Colorama to be inspired and get advice on how to succeed with their projects.

About Soft Touch

From Partille to all over the world, Soft Touch is a glove manufacturer that delivers what is requested. With a strong range of gloves they offer everything from knitted gloves, working gloves to welding gloves and fireman gloves. With the possibility to create customer unique gloves through the Private Brand concept, Soft Touch is a one stop glove supplier where almost any type of glove is possible to make.