Soft Touch AB introduce METALMIX™


A new revolutionary fibre in gloves

Soft Touch AB has had knitted gloves under the brand Hanvo® Bestgrip in the range for many years. The production of these gloves is primarily driven by research and development of new materials to increase the protection provided by the work gloves. Gloves made of an entirely new type of extremely strong fibre with high cutting resistance called MetalMix ™ are now being launched.

Metalmix™, not only cut-resistance

The core of the fibre is made of steel but is combined with a synthetic cut-resistant fibre, so-called HPPE, which is layered with a mixture of polyester/spandex. The combination provides comfort, softness and high elasticity with a very high cut-resistance at a remarkably low weight.

MetalMix™ - fibre structure and components

Staple fibres provide unique properties

Instead of traditional filament fibres, staple fibres are used, which are short chains of fibres linked together when the thread is spun. This gives a softer and more elastic thread that makes the glove feel more comfortable. The weight is also reduced by 10-20% compared to filament fibre gloves. In addition, the technology makes the gloves airier, which means that they breathe better.

MetalMix™ fibre on the left, traditional filament fibre on the right

Increased durability and protection

Thanks to the structure of the fibres, the gloves get a stronger bonding with the rubber coating, which makes them last longer. Because the rubber can penetrate deeper, the coating can be made up to 60% thicker while maintaining flexibility. A thicker layer of protective rubber gives the glove better protective properties such as higher abrasion resistance and durability.

MetalMix™ with rubber coating on the left, traditional filament fibre with rubber coating on the right

We are very positive that the industry has matured, and that technical advancement now makes cut-resistant gloves more available to the market. Initially very expensive, now development of new materials and manufacturing processes has made the price of these products very reasonable on such an important type of protection equipment, says Michael Cederkvist, CEO at Soft Touch AB.

Hanvo® Bestgrip new models Metalmix ™ are available for retailers from Soft Touch AB during the month of May 2022.

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