Soft Touch Photo Competition 2020 - Christmas theme

This year we had a great competition with fantastic and creative submissions from our colleagues. The results from this year's competition is here and we are proud to present the winners.


Winner 2020 - Master photographer Daniel Liljekvist

Master photographer



Second place

2nd place - Silver photographer Castle Low

Silver photographer



3rd place

3rd place - Bronze photographer Michael Cederkvist

Bronze photographer



4th places - Honourable contributions (in no specific order)

   Thomas submission 1 
Photographer Thomas Nilson




Photographer Anki Cederkvist




Photographer Castle Low




Photgrapher Muaz Ariffin



Photographer Andreas Linder



Photographer Kartigayan Annadorai




Photographer Magnus Gustafsson




Photographer Michael Cederkvist



Photographer Pär Kärrborn



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