Avanas launch Soft Touch® as agent in the Netherlands and Belgium

Michael Cederkvist and Gerben Van As in Nieuwpoort, Netherlands (Picture taken in Feb 2020)


Sweden is well known for specialised products and its sense of quality and this is precisely what Avanas is looking for when launching the Soft Touch® range of working gloves from Sweden in the Netherlands and Belgium. Soft Touch AB and Avanas have been working together planning the official launch of a long-term collaboration.

- “Avanas will be an excellent partner for us to work with since our backgrounds are similar to each other”, says Michael Cederkvist, CEO at Soft Touch AB. “We both have roots from a family business which makes it very easy to understand each other. From this we have established a relationship where we both know what is needed to ensure that both parties gain from the business.”

Specialised gloves

Avanas has more than 25 years of experience in the PPE business as a sales agent with respectable brands in their portfolio. As they expand their business, they have been on the look out for new product segments to add to their range of products.

- “We noticed that the glove market is changing towards high quality and specialised gloves instead of standard leather gloves, says Gerben van As, founder and CEO of Avanas. That’s how we found Soft Touch while looking for new partners, because of their slogan “We know gloves” which proved to be true”.

Completing the offer with co-branding in the Benelux

Avanas has continuously been offering more and more products under co-branding due to increasing demand. The most popular products are protective helmets and protective spectacles. When expanding the range of products, it was crucial that a new supplier also can deliver co-branded products upon request.

- ” With Soft Touch in our range we can look for any kind of glove solution together with our customers. Their team has given me all the support to make it a success. A good knowledge of their products, strong marketing activities and a good logistic performance have all the ingredients to make it a success”, Gerben van As concludes.

The Soft Touch® range of gloves will be launched by Avanas during early 2020 to be available in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

About Avanas

Avanas is a sales agent and an expert partner for several top brands of PPE, such as Bollé Safety, Kask and Voss in the Dutch and Belgian market. They support PPE dealers with technical and commercial requests and even visit end-users to assist with safety advice to enhance a high-quality user experience. At the same time the company is offering co-branded products to promote a safe working environment with maintained corporate identity.


For inquieries and questions

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