EN511 for gloves, explaining movie. First in the world?

EN511 för handskar Soft Touch guide

For both retailers and users of gloves, the task of choosing the right glove for a task may seem difficult. To assist, there are many standards available, testing the glove properties and how well they protect against different hazards in a working environment. However, understanding how these protection standards works is not always straightforward. Soft Touch made a movie to explain EN511.

EN511 is a standard to give guidline values on how well a glove protects against cold. It was updated 2006 which means it is sometimes labeled EN511:2006. This is the latest version of the standard with its accompanying tests. 

An important standard when winter is coming

In southern Sweden or in mild winter weather, normal winter gloves are often good enough to protect your hands. However if a worker risks getting frostbite with no protection, then EN511 is a particularly important standard. When working in minus degrees the hands are chilled down to unhealthy levels and if this is done during extended periods of time, the risk for chronic cold injuries increase dramatically. Injuries from exposure to cold are on the increase according to recent studies that has been made in Sweden. It is a negative trend that is relatively easy to change provided relevant information is easy to find. 

- We want to bring attention to the risks for professionals and make it easier for our customers to choose the right kind of gloves. It doesn't have to be hard if you are given the right tools, says Andreas Linder, marketing manager at Soft Touch AB. We already have efficient tools to easily find winter gloves, even those that are certified according to EN511. The one thing we felt was missing is an easy to understand explanation of the protection standard to give our customers the understanding they need to easier make the right choice of gloves, he continues.  


Soft Touch movie explaining EN511

Video as a tool to explain

Since EN 511 is not easy to explain and good explanatory guides are hard to find, Soft Touch decided to make a video to explain what the standard really means in a comprehensible way.

- We see video as a very valuable tool to help our customers and the end users of our products, says Andreas. Especially video guides for EN511 is particularly hard to find and thar is why we chose to make our own video, he continues.  This is one of the movies in a series to help and educate our followers to more easily be able to decide which gloves are suitable for different work scenarios. THe next step is to make the material easily accessible via our different channels, he concludes.

Via Soft Touch digital channels, a wealth of digital tools are provided, both for resellers of working gloves, but also for the end users. The tools can be found on the company Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn or directly on the Soft Touch web page.

The full collection of Soft Touch's videos can be found on the company official YouTube channel, Click here.

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