Gloves with private brand - the best promotional merchandise on the market


For many of us who use our hands as the main working tool, gloves are seen as something that is mostly an obstruction. It's crazy considering the gloves protect the hands and can have the ability to increase important functions such as grip and shock absorption. Soft Touch now takes the initiative in the industry and, in collaboration with companies, shows the benefit of needs-customized gloves as a brand promotional tool.


In Europe and the world, Swedish quality is an assurance of a certain level of quality in products that are safe and keep what they promise. This is one of the reasons why Soft Touch successfully initiates collaborations all over the world, with customers who want to develop and sell gloves under their own brand. It's an easy way to produce competitive merchandise products.


Private Brand - gloves under your own brand

Soft Touch has long experience, high competence, knowledge and a genuine interest in creating something unique. With the realization that in a collaboration one has to add something, be responsive and flexible, the proposal is taken forward.

- The most important thing for us is to understand what the customer needs and what problems they experience. With that as a basis, we present a proposal with properties that suit the customer's needs, says Michael Cederkvist, CEO.

 Custom-made gloves that are puncture resistant, that can withstand extremely high temperatures, have knuckle reinforcements or that have perfect grip and which always allows the user to maintain tactile precision are just a few examples of what is offered.

- The materials are important and the glove should function as an aid and protection without feeling thick and bulky. We develop gloves that feel like a second layer of skin for everything from customs personnel, police, assemblers, painters, forestry and construction workers for example. Moreover, they are modern and stylish, says Michael.


1 - 2 - 3, then the gloves are delivered

Gloves are perhaps the most frequently disappearing working tool. By having your own brand on the glove, it acts as a promotional product, no matter where it ends up. This means that what has previously been seen as a consumable item now becomes merchandise.

- Our industry is big but far from everyone understands that gloves can be made this way. We are changing this now, Private Brand does not make the gloves more expensive and has so many advantages for both our customer and their customers, ”says Michael.

 To make it easy to create and order gloves in your own brand, Soft Touch has an easy system online. Via the site you are guided through three steps to order the gloves that cover your unique needs. The models offered for Private Brand are the most popular and appreciated models.

- Many customers also want us to adapt colours and properties so that they fit in with the work clothes used. We are responsive and will modify the gloves until our customer is satisfied, says Michael.


Business opportunities and competitive advantages

With 100 years of experience in international trade, close and well-established collaborations with factories and retail manufacturers, one can keep the costs down on the end product without compromising on quality. There are no middlemen, but Soft Touch has direct contact with the manufacturers to ensure that legislation for protective equipment and users' high demands is met. Examples of successful collaborations are Kramp Groep B.V. with stores in 25 countries across Europe and Colorama which has over 160 stores in Sweden. They saw the benefits of Soft Touch’s concept and today they work with a range under their own brands along with Soft Touch.

- However, our concept is not only for large companies but works just as well for smaller companies and smaller volumes of gloves, says Michael and continues;

- Quality is very important to us. We work with certified products, suppliers and materials. And we are proud of our environmental policy.


 The advantages of developing your own glove are many:

Simple and affordable - Even in smaller volumes

Popular models - Soft Touch models are top sellers and appreciated by the users

Easy to order - You do not need to print yourself and Soft Touch guarantees accepted and tested quality, easy import and shipping

Well-liked Gloves - A useful brand marketing tool


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Soft Touch

Soft Touch AB was founded in 1913 and has traditionally always been strong in trading with the far east. Today, Soft Touch is a leading brand for all types of gloves and the range is constantly being expanded. With the concept "Private Brand" they are a comprehensive supplier for all types of gloves with unique development based on the customer's specific needs.