G(love) yourself right!

When getting garments some of us might prefer getting a looser fit for a more comfortable feeling. There is nothing wrong with that for leisure or as an office worker, but when it comes to working garments, it should be fit!

What is wrong with unfit working garments?

In Sweden it is mandatory by law for companies to provide working garments to the employees for certain industries such as manufacturing, assembly and construction to name a few. The working garment traditionally emphasized on safety and durability rather than comfort because there is a higher risk of getting injured compared to office work.

In the past, working garment manufacturers have focused on garments that is mainly designed for men since the industries requiring them were dominated by big body framed males. Today there is a general increase in the number of men with smaller body frames as well as an increase in women working in these industries. However, many companies are still purchasing working garments following old size distribution of the employees. Therefore, today it could be common to find workers wearing unfit working garment because their body size is smaller than traditional workers in the older times.

What could happen?

If you wear something too loose at work there is an obvious risk of chafing discomfort while working. What most people don't realize is that they might directly increase safety risks at work. For example, in the assembly industry with a lot of moving machinery, a loose sleeve has a higher risk of getting caught on a sharp corner. The very same is also true for gloves. If you wear an over-sized glove, not only will you lose dexterity and tactile feeling, but there is also a risk the gloves might get caught in moving cogs which in the worst case could pull in the whole hand into moving machinery, causing permanent injuries. When handling machines or power tools you might lose control since the chance of slipping is higher with over-sized glove. Thus, it is necessary to get a correct fitting glove to reduce these unnecessary risks.

How to choose the right glove?

Choosing the right sized glove for your hands is actually quite easy. Our hands are very similar in biological design, no matter if you are big or small framed, a male or a female. The only challenge is that some gloves use different sizes and it is important to know them both. Usually gloves for professional workers are sized in numbers from 6-12, but they can also be measured in the normal sizes we are used to from garments, sizing from XS (Extra Small) to XXXL (Triple Extra Large). To make it easy we have constructed an easy to follow guide.

To find your correct size, measure the circumference of your hand using a measuring tape. Measure about 2cm from the thumb fold. Then compare it to the chart below.

Soft Touch AB is a Swedish company with roots since 1913. Today Soft Touch® is a leading brand of gloves of all kinds and the range of products are steadily increasing with the company’s in house product development. We work constantly to make sure your hands will stay protected no matter your size, no matter your job.

We help you protect the most complex tool you will ever have, your left and right hand.

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