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Start talking about it - an essential step in fighting prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Even so, it somehow seems to be forgotten. People in the industry seem to think it’s because men have a harder time talking about their illnesses and are more discrete in their way of dealing with tough situations. Soft Touch and the Swedish Prostate Cancer Foundation think that the approach of keeping silent is wrong. We believe that we need to talk about prostate cancer and what it means to those affected.

That’s why we’ve developed the Blue One. For each sold pair we’ll give 5 SEK to the Swedish Prostate Cancer Foundation to help their work with raising awareness and moving forward with research on prostate cancer.

The Blue One

The multifunctional glove can be used in most work and hobby situations. It’s always good to have a pair in the car for if you’d have to change tires or load firewood into the truck, or when you’re chopping logs and want a steadier grip on the axe, when you saw trees, mows the lawn and want to dampen the vibrations in your hands, carry heavy furniture, renovate the house, walk the dog or use them when you just want some extra protection.
The Blue One is a versatile working glove. The back of the hand is mostly made of spandex, and it has a mesh part that increases ventilation and lowers the risk of hand sweat.
The elastic fabric between fingers provides flexibility and compliance. The thumb and forefingers are reinforced for extra durability and endurance. The palm is in a synthetic mock leather, Digital Suede, which provides a comfortable, grip-proof glove. The insulated foam plates in the palms further enhance comfort, but also work somewhat as a shock absorber and vibration protection.

Take a stand against cancer

Approximately 25 men a day get diagnosed with prostate cancer every day, and these gloves make it clear that you are in the fight against cancer. The gloves' blue details and well-known mustache logo on the wrist will show that you're not one to back down. Because prostate cancer so often goes unnoticed in the media, our news feeds, and in conversations, we need more people raising voices for people with prostate cancer who need to be seen, heard and cured. Research needs to move forward, and knowledge about the disease must be spreading.