Using knitted gloves and removing them safely

In times when we want to protect our hands from contamination, knitted gloves with a rubber coating in the palm can be a really good option. 


Examples of popular knitted gloves

Following is a very brief selection of some of our top-selling knitted gloves. For a full range, see our whole selection of knitted gloves HERE.


Soft Touch® ErgoTec©

Soft Touch ErgoTec ADF-874


Soft Touch® Apus box 12 par

Soft Touch AD-19 BOX om 12 par

Packed in hygienic dispenser box

Soft Touch® Apus vit

Soft Touch Apus vit AD-19W


Hanvo® Bestgrip Aquaguard

Hanvo Bestgrip Aquaguard HV-LKX301


These gloves can be found and purchased at any well-stocked speialized store.


However do keep in mind there is a special technique to remove the gloves from your hands to avoid contaminants on the glove surface. See our video below for further explanation:



For inquieries and questions

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