Merino wool - How does it differ from other wools?

The benefits of merino wool are plenty, and there are a few that is extra good to know when it comes to merino wool gloves.

Merino wool is different from other types of wool in many ways. The merino sheep resides in the mountains of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and Italy. As you can imagine the climate is very hot for this wool-draped sheep, and so by nature, their coat is designed to adapt according to body temperature. Meaning the wool will help to keep warm when it's cold and keep cold when it's hot.

Keeping temperature

Unlike synthetic fibres, merino wool can transfer hot air in between air pockets in the wool. The wool responds to your body temperature whether it's hot or cold.

Soft and Lightweight

Merino sheep depend on mobility to survive in the mountains. The wool has to be lightweight because they need to be able to move freely. Each fibre looks like a small spring which also makes the glove more stretchy and conformable to different hand shapes. Each fibre is very fine and soft, compared to a single human hair, the merino fibres are 1/4 the size.

Merino wool is nothing like other lamb wools which I think we can all agree is terribly itchy and sometimes feels horrible against your skin. This characteristic also means it'll work well for people who have sensitive skin and for people suffering from eczema.

Machine washable

It sounds like a lie, but it's true. Wash the gloves as normal with a mild detergent and let it dry. Some say you can tumble dry at a lower temperature, but I think we shouldn't push our luck. Let them dry naturally, and you'll have the gloves as new.

Merino wool inner glove

Our merino wool glove is an inner glove, so we developed it after three key features; slim, stretchy and comfortable. It is designed to take advantage of the "layer upon layer" principle which is a basic rule for all seasons and all kinds of weather. But of course - the windier and colder it gets this merino wool glove will be more and more relevant. This glove will be perfect to turn your regular gloves into warmer, more suitable for colder seasons.