M-Tex™ - for those rainy days

Gloves with waterproof membrane

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I’m really sorry to bring this up when we’re at the brink of seeing summer in full bloom but it rain is coming. I’m not saying that to be mean, I’m not wishing for a rainy summer. All I’m saying is that you should be planning ahead for a rainy day – so to speak.

Smooth and water resistant

It’s so easy to stay 100% percent safe and protected for those harsh days, all you need is some gloves with M-Tex™ and you’ll be fine!

M-Tex™ is a type of membrane that really sticks out from the rest on the market. It has great breathing properties as well as it is waterproof. The membrane actively transports moist away from your hands in order to make sure your body keeps a comfortable temperature. When you’re sweating your body cools off because of the moisture that lingers on your skin. In order to control your temperature and discard that uncomfortable feeling the M-Tex™ lets all microscopic drops of moisture travel through and out into the air. The level of ‘lost warmth’ is therefore equal to the level of ‘gained warmth’ which will keep you on comfortable.

How does membrane work

Our range of gloves with M-Tex™

One of our most beloved gloves with M-Tex™ is GV-9090


We do however have several other M-Tex gloves that are just as waterproof and has different properties,

How does membrane work

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